Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy weekend

Well, I keep forgetting to post because I have some pictures to go along with the post. Since I keep forgetting to download my pictures to my computer I decided to post and than later show the pics.

Well, we'll begin with Saturday the 7th; We had breakfast with the kids and then since the weather was so nice the kids wanted to play outside. Off we went to play in the nice muddy outdoors and took the dogs for a walk. We ate lunch and then got re-dressed (took all the muddy clothes off) and took off to the hair salon. All three girls got a hair cut. (I'll post pics later). After that we went to grandma & grandpa elliott's house and we all went out to dinner for Mia's birthday. By the time we got home, it was 8pm. & the girls went to bed.

On Sunday (Mia's birthday) we went to church, of course, in the morning and took Mia to eat at Red Robin with another couple friend of ours. She enjoyed them singing to her and her free ice-cream sundae. When we got home it was nap time, we knew they would be tired. After nap they got up and we started moving Mia into her new room. She officially has her own room now. She loves it, and it makes her feel all grown up.

It might take a few days for me to post the pics I have since I still have to finish the boquets for the wedding this Saturday. Off I go now. Hope you all have a great day.

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