Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mia's Bible

Mia was presented on March 6, 2009 with her Bible by Dr. Sisson. He had been ill but came to chapel to present the Bibles. She passed pg. 100 in her speedy reader and now is working on trying to finish the book before graduation. She is doing a great job with it. As of today, she is on pg. 120. I am so proud of her hard work.

New Motorcyle

This is my hubby's finished product of the bike he's been working on all winter long.
He painted the bike a nice Teal blue, polished the crome on the bike and changed almost every gasket, plug, filter that could be changed. Changed the handle bars, bought new mirrors, changed the hand grips and bought bike bags for it also. He's very proud of his bike and I am proud of him and his hard work.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time goes by fast.

Has it been 2 wks since I last posted? Time goes by fast and I didn't even realize it. All has been well with us.
Mia has finally passed pg. 100 of her speedy reader and will be getting her bible in chapel on Friday 3-6-09. I will be sure and post pics afterward.
Alana is getting smarter, yes I know she's my girl but she is. She is learning alot from her sister and at the daycare. She actually sings whole songs now not just a portion of it.
Lydia is talking alot clearer now and loves following her sister around and copying them. She is such a cuttie pie.
As for Brian, he finally finished his bike. I'm going to take pics of it later today and post another day. It looks like a whole new bike. I am proud of him.

Hope you all have a great day.